Welcome to the Olympic Dolphin homepage


   I've started this page to try to make available any information I can collect on the Olympic Dolphin. Although I have purchased and sail one, I find that there is a complete lack of online resources for anyone needing any help with their boat. I myself have plenty of questions on how I could better maintain/upgrade my boat to better enjoy it.

   As you can see I don't have much information yet, but maybe with the help of you and other Dolphin sailors this can become a website worth maintaining, so.....

   If you have any information you can share with your fellow Dolphin sailors, specs, projects, upgrades, factory/production info.....anything.... please email it to me and I'll post it on the website.

   There is a forum included and hopefully any questions can be answered there once the website has enough imput from fellow sailors.

Olympic Star Sailors
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